Job hunters: You’re stronger than you think

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However long you’ve been hunting for a new role, it’s still thrilling (and maybe a bit of a relief) to get a job offer. But before you accept, there’s something you might not realise: As a job candidate you may hold a lot of the cards right now.

There may of course be times when it’s vital to take the first offer that comes along. Perhaps factors in your life mean you need to be in work as quickly as possible and paying the bills trumps landing a dream role.

But if you’re already in work and are considering your next long-term career move, it’s worth considering that there’s no reason to settle for less. In fact, it might even be worth asking - or holding out for - a little more.

It's not just about the salary

A combination of the growing economy and skills shortages mean that some sectors have actually seen more vacancies than there are candidates. Faced with positions they’re finding it harder to fill, companies are taking a good look at how they can be more attractive places to work.

Employers are starting to realise it’s no longer about offering competitive pay to attract the right talent - although of course that’s still an important factor in getting the right people on board. It’s also about the perks and benefits they’re willing to share with staff.

What matters to you? Perhaps some of these things:

  • Flexible hours
  • Working from home one day a week
  • Training and development opportunities within a defined career path
  • Extra annual holiday entitlement 

Finding the right fit

Work is where you spend a large chunk of your time, and there’s so much more to it than your day-to-day duties and responsibilities. What also counts is making sure a company is a good fit for you.

Increasingly, businesses are thinking about how they can stand out from their competitors by showcasing a great company culture, or employer brand, and giving you an insight into what it’s like to work there.

Even once you’ve started a new role, more companies are focusing on being ‘sticky’ so you stay long-term. A recent survey of over 4,000 new UK employees suggested that 41% make up their minds about whether to stay in a new role in the first week. That’s certainly not music to the ears of any manager who’s spent time, resources and money on recruiting a new member of the team.

You must still bring your 'A' game

Of course, this doesn’t mean taking anything for granted when it comes to job hunting. Working on your interview skills and turning up thoroughly prepared is still key. At HR GO, we spend time with job candidates every day making sure they can present themselves in the best possible light.

But if you carefully weigh up your options and arm yourself with the knowledge of what might be out there, you should have more confidence. Maybe this will give you the boost to hold out for a position that’s a better fit long-term.

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