Job hunting got you stressed? Time for some hygge.

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Of course, December’s all about Christmas. The parties, the presents, the trees, the gathering with loved ones. There’s a lot to enjoy and also a lot to organise and remember. So, with all the festive hustle and bustle, what’s the best thing you can do as a job hunter this December?

Winter can be a challenging time for many people. Dark days and cold evenings can take their toll for everyone, and doubly so if you’re looking for your next role. And that’s without the stresses of a global pandemic added into the mix. At HR GO we recommend registering with us online so we can look for jobs for you while you do a little recharging. 

Also, make sure you’ve got your CV polished and sorted for the January job rush (and if you haven’t, you can find some useful tips here). Even if you're seeking Christmas temp jobs,  we encourage you to add in some hygge during your down time over the festive season. 😊

Relaxing with hygge

Could hygge be the recharging tonic you need this December?

This Danish lifestyle movement (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) is all about feeling comfortable, snug, and cosy over the winter months. Think snuggling up on a sofa in front of a roaring fire, warming your hands on a huge mug of hot chocolate (heavy on the marshmallows). Add in a faux fur blanket, and chunky socks for extra warm feet.

But hygge isn’t just a homewares and decorating trend. It’s also about embracing a mindset. After all, feeling cosy isn’t just about being comfortable in where you are and what you’re wearing. It’s about feeling safe and secure, too. The aim is to relax and enjoy the quiet pleasures life can bring over the darker months of the year.

How to hygge

Our top five things for job hunters to have a hygge December? Let’s take a look:

1. Indulgent eats

Keep the chill at bay with some delicious comforting food and drink. Prep some warming slow cooker stews, sip from mugs of chunky soup and feast on sticky cinnamon rolls. Don't forget the cinnamon-scented mulled wine and hot cinnamon apple brandy cider or warming non-alcoholic hot drinks like spiced apple syrup with clementine and cloves.

2. Cosy candles

Every hygge home has at least a few flickering candles for a cheerful glow. If you prefer to avoid a real flame, choose mini LED ones instead. Or opt for festively strung twinkling lights.

3. Comfy loungewear

Comfort is all. So swap workwear for snuggly hoodies and loose, soft joggers. And if you do need to do a work video call, our advice is to dress hygge from the waist down!

4. Serene screen time

It’s time to ditch the latest thriller box set for something far less exhilarating. Netflix’s Fireplace for your Home, which is continuous one-hour footage of a crackling wood fire, will help take your mind off job applications.

On YouTube there’s also an immersive slow-TV train journey, the real-time recording of the route from Bergen to Oslo through gorgeous Norwegian landscapes. We guarantee that a few stops in, refreshing your job site apps will be the furthest thing from your mind.

5. Nature-filled walks

Yes, hygge does seem to be mainly about hibernating away from the cold. But the Danes love embracing the great outdoors, too, so feed your senses with a nature walk. Whether you’re deep in a wood or strolling around your local park, getting close to the calm and quiet of nature boosts a sense of wellbeing.

Time with friends

Hygge is about togetherness, and few things boost wellbeing than friendship and human contact. That’s particularly during the dark winter months when socialising can really help with the blues. But we’re not necessarily talking about noisy, crowded Christmas parties. Choose a few close friends for some cosy catch-ups and chats that put the world to rights. You might even get some leads on potential new roles at the same time.

Hunker down for a hygge winter

Opting for experiences that will restore your equilibrium and feeling of inner peace is bound to help you recharge. Apparently Danes are the happiest people in the world so it’s worth a try.

Meanwhile, think about registering for work on the HR GO website this month, too. That way, we can look for great roles for you while you get on with other things. Like choosing the most hygge pair of cosy slippers imaginable...

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