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Their specialty is designing, delivering and supporting IT solutions that help their clients grow. As a mature organisation, they have an ethical framework that supports their activities. We’re socially engaged and always willing to help. The goal is to facilitate your company’s rapid growth in a manner that respects what you have already achieved. In doing so, they aim to stay true to their ethical framework and values. They have an agile and people oriented philosophy. For their clients this means that they provide flexible resourcing with a consistent quality of work.


Wioleta Patkowska,
EB + Recruitment Lead

"We have started working together with Objectivity at the beginning of 2020 with IT recruitment support. Objectivity is a software development company with around 700 employees in Poland and with offices in Wrocław, Gdańsk, Coventry (UK) or Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

With Win-Win company value thinking we have provided Objectivity with direct search recruitment in the software development area to support their growth and our expansion in local market.

Some of the successful recruitment but not limited to were for the positions like:
• Xamarin Developer
• Angular Developer
• .Net Developer
• Java Developer
• iOS Developer
• PHP Developer

Our recruitment strategy was adjusted to the client needs. Some of the project work was staffed with our candidates being outsourced for 1 or 2 months also for no end date assignments. We have also offered our services to recruit candidates for direct perm hire by Objectivity which was proved to be successful to deliver candidate profiles in the short notice. We have been working very close with company recruiters to understand the needs and provide best in class IT Software Developers.

We believe that our partnership was even more efficient in difficult times during the COVID times and open-minded, willing to listen approach was proved to be successful for both parties."


Usługi HR GO Recruitment

Ciężko pracujemy, aby znaleźć wysoko wykwalifikowanych kandydatów, czy szukasz stałych, tymczasowych lub outsourcingu ról. Nasze profesjonalne strategie rekrutacji pozwalają nam spełnić Twoje niszowe wymagania, nawet jeśli szukasz wielu ról w różnych sektorach i dla różnych warunków zatrudnienia.